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Areas of Practice


Family Law

Carver & Michael has represented hundreds of individual in all areas of family law.  With more than 30 years of combined experience, we can guide you through the toughest of family law issues.


Going through a divorce is always a stressful time in someone's life.  Nobody 'wins' in a divorce.  But what Carver & Michael can provide is experience and a calm, level-headed approach to what is usually a high conflict time in your life.  Having children of our own, we understand that clear expectations and acting in the best interest of the children is what is needed. 

Understanding the financial side of dissolutions is important.  Sara and Gaylin together have over 35 years of experience in working with financial statements, understanding family businesses and what impact the marriage will have on your financial circumstances.  Dividing farms and family businesses is never easy but with the right lawyer advocating for you, you can rest assured that we will fight for an equitable division that is in your best interest.


Having children without the benefit and legal protection of a marriage has become more common in the last 20 years.  There is perhaps a no more contentious and confusing area of law than paternity and custody.  Having a parent legally declared the parent is a requirement before custody schedules can be established and thus legally enforceable.  Custody, visitation and support issues between a non-married couple can be murky and frustrating.  Having the right legal advice and representation is important.  The attorneys at Carver & Michael can help you or a loved one work toward a reasonable solution while alleviating as much animosity as possible.   

If you are an unmarried parent involved in custody or support dispute, Sara or Gaylin are ready to help.  They can provide advocacy and advice in all the various types of issues that you face:

  • Paternity and father’s rights issues
  • Child support issues for non-married parents
  • Parenting schedules and enforcement
  • Contempt and modification of prior orders

Custody Modification

Changes are inevitable. Children grow older, their needs change, and parents situations change.  Modifying custody and support is a fact of life.  It is important to understand how modifying current child custody and visitation arrangements can be accomplished.  Often, this can be done by agreement or stipulation without a highly contested procedure.  Having an attorney that understands how this works is important.  And if your modification becomes contested you will want the right attorney by your side.  Issues or questions that may arise include:

  • How can I relocate?
  • What school should my children attend?
  • How will we pay for college?
  • How can I prevent my spouse from relocating the children?
  • At what age can my child decide when to visit with the other parent?
  • How can I enforce a custody order when the other parent is refusing?

Maintenance (ALimony)

Spousal support is an area of law that comes up more often than one would expect.  Many different circumstances can occur that may entitle a spouse to spousal support.  When you wonder how you're going to pay this bills as a divorced person, Sara and Gaylin can guide you as to the likelihood of you being a maintenance candidate.

Alimony (known as maintenance) can be continuous or terminate after a specific period of time.  Make sure you have an attorney that understands the legal requirements and is prepared to fight for you in a case where maintenance is an issue.

Domestic and Protection Orders

Domestic violence is sometimes a product of a relationship ending or a divorce beginning.  Adult order of protection can sometimes be issued to protect one of the parties in the relationship.  Although the adult and child protection procedures are set up for individuals specifically so they are not required to obtain an attorney, the truth is, you are much better off with an attorney, whether you are the victim or the alleged perpetrator.  Having a full order of protection entered against you can cause you to lose your job, give up your right to possess a firearm, and other unforeseen consequences. 

Sometimes, incidents can lead to criminal charges.  The legal process and penalties one can face may seem intimidating and daunting, but Carver & Michael can successfully represent you in these cases.  Gaylin has handled these types of cases from both sides, having been a former prosecutor.  


Criminal Law


The punishment for driving while intoxicated has only increased and become more harsh as each legislative session attempts to prove they are 'tough on crime'.  'Impairment' can mean your blood alcohol is more than .08.  A person charged with a DWI can lose their license and multiple DWI's can mean prison and/or losing their license to drive for ten years.  Legal representation through this process is a must.  The attorneys at Carver & Michael have more than 15 years of experience on DWI cases.  

Drug Crimes

Possession of small amounts of marijuana, or paraphernalia, might not seem like a big deal in today's changing attitudes about marijuana, but the penalties and ramifications can be severe.  Make sure you have representation that knows the law, and understands the consequences for your situation.  Some allegations can be more severe, such as possession of prescription drug without a prescription.  This is a felony and a conviction could mean prison.  The lawyers at Carver & Michael have the compassion, legal knowledge, and experience needed to handle any type of drug charge or allegation that you or a loved one may face.  


Estate Planning, Trust, Wills, & Probate

The process of being the executor of a family member's will or estate can be a daunting and emotional process,  sometimes even contentious.  If you are tasked with this responsibility, speaking with one of the attorneys at Carver & Michael can help you though this difficult process. 

The lawyers at Carver & Michael can assist you with any of the following:

  • Preparation of wills, trusts and durable powers of attorney
  • Asset protection strategies
  • Probate, trust and Estate Administration Services
  • Family Limited partnerships